crowne-plaza-newcastle-26crowne-plaza-newcastle-2619th Oct 2015: 84no Solo Circles 1200mm diameter installed into their conference centre

Media Imaging Solutions is a professional photographic service for businesses requiring a creative and experienced photographer. Working with PR companies, national and local businesses, event organisers, manufacturers, legal firms, industrial & security sectors, care homes, start-ups and many more. Alan Bennett is a photographer awarded a Licentiate from the National Photographic Society (LNPS).

Services Include:
+Corporate Photographer +Public Relations Photography +Conference Photographer +Product Photography +Event Photography +News Photographer +Business Portraits +Annual Reports +Architectural Photography

Based in St Ives (Cambs) and close to Cambridge and Peterborough.
For further information call 0781 499 4934 or click here --- My Blog Page

My name is Alan Bennett and I am a full time professional photographer specialising in creating dynamic and stunning images for the business community. Based in St Ives (Cambs) with easy access to the A14, A1 and M1, and clients in the Midlands, London and East Anglia. I have been a photographer since I was 15 years old and made it my full time profession in 2007 after leaving a 15 year career in Australian television production work. My TV background has helped me be professional and personable when photographing all levels of people in the work place. I always pay attention to detail and often bring my problem solving skills to the fore when on challenging location shoots. I've been fortunate enough to win various awards over the years for my photography. I love being involved with photography and it's given me immense pleasure over the years. Many thanks must go to my Wife Vikki, who has always been incredibly supportive! Please contact me for more information via the contact form.